📦 Opinionated NPM publish program

published helps streamline a git based workflow with package publishing through continues delivery. Developers control their branch and version strategies, and published takes care of logical conditioning of when to publish stable versions and/or release candidates.

Run using npx

npx published


option Description Example
testing Dry run npx published --testing
slack.webhook Notify on Slack npx published --slack.webhook $SLACK_WEBHOOK Change Slack webhook channel npx published --slack.webhook $SLACK_WEBHOOK "#publish"
quiet Silent outputs and notifications npx published --quiet
git-tag Push a tag to git, Only from master(latest-branch) or latest branch npx published --git-tag
on-publish Execute shell command after a publish event npx published --on-publish bash\ ./
on-<tag> Execute shell command after a publish event with this tag (executes after on-publish) npx published --on-latest 'echo "Published!"'
latest-branch Branch that is considered latest (default is 'master') npx published --latest-branch stable
tag-name Tag name to be used regardless of config. If performed from a branch other than master, needs to be used in conjunction with latest-branch option npx published --tag-name next --latest-branch next


Branch type action
Feature branch Release RC versions on tag by branch name.
Master (latest) branch Release clean semver on "latest" tag.
NPM Permissions In order to publish an NPM package as a privileged user, create an NPM configuration file. One way to do it is to hide the token in an environment variable and add this preceding step:
echo "//$NPM_TOKEN" >> ~/.npmrc


Feature branch

"master" branch

* using latest-branch option will switch its behaviour with master

"latest" branch


branch version publish tag
my_feature_branch, next 1.3.0 nothing N/A
my_feature_branch, next 1.3.1-alpha nothing N/A
my_feature_branch, next 1.3.1-rc 1.3.1-rc-c447f6a my_feature_branch, next
my_feature_branch, next 1.3.1-rc.1 1.3.1-rc.1-c447f6a my_feature_branch, next
master, latest 1.3.0 1.3.0 latest
master, latest 1.3.0-beta Throws Error N/A
master, latest 1.3.0-rc Throws Error N/A

* using latest-branch option will switch its behaviour with master

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